Sunday, August 8, 2010

C, I told you!

Here's the post you've allegedly been waiting for. On the alphabet C.
Let me confess right here at the start, that I am not getting disciplined and doing what I promised, writing a post on the third alphabet that is. It's just that i went to a conference today, and wanted to write about it. And since the word conference begins with C, it fell into place. Important you know that; I have an image to protect after all.
Let's get to the point.

It was a fine conference. People talked about how online media was going to overtake offline media. Filled with Jyoti's jokes, the whole show was just the way conferences are supposed to be -- clean, composed, cliched, yet coated with (com)passion. Hence, presumably easy to swallow, or even chew if you like.
It gave me food for thought. But the food, figuratively, should be good enough to give me mental indigestion, force me to fart out thoughts on the subject for at least a day.
The sad part was, no matter how much I wanted the whole thing to block my bowels, I got only enough to merit a belch. Just enough to fill my mouth, be chewed for a while, downed, and digested.
Everyone largely agreed on the same things, disagreed on the same, had no idea about the same things, and, frankly, there wasn't much to say anyways. I am everyone, too, I must state.
So my learning experience was limited to knowing, or being told, that:
1. Online media is the future, just let Internet penetrate a little more!
2. Offline media is limited in scope, has space constraints.
3. Online media is real-time, more interactive, yet prone to being frivolous, like any growing medium.
and so on.. you get the drift I know. I was a disciplined member of the choir, and agreed and disagreed as required.

But of course there was the mouthful of food, which tasted rather good in the air-conditioned environs.
It was the use of the word 'overtake' (and even 'takeover', by some people who did not know the difference between the two terms).
I wonder how online media could overtake offline media in my lifetime. I mean it could sell more than it does now. May give competition, stiff, to offline media, in the ages we are yet to see.
Overtaking is so relative in the media industry I believe. Has ToI overtaken the Express? It has in figures, but has it in substance. Debatable? Exactly my point!
Why use the word overtake? Why not the politically correct, and more appropriate, 'co-exist'?
It would give credibility to the whole discussion.

And yes, I have to mention this. There was this woman in the audience who said the meaning of news had changed. I wonder what she meant. I wonder if she herself knew what she meant.


I have to tell my lovely friends who organised the conference, that it's just my observation, bordering on critique. And it's only about the one big session I sat through.
Before you label me a snob, or a jealous wannabe, I would want you to read what i wrote, again, if you would. I presume you respect opinions.
BTW, I am still dying to jump onto the bandwagon called emagzin.

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